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Additional materials

Look here for past cases of the month and an explanation for how cases of the month are selected.

September 2007

IZIP, Czech Republic: a web-based, nation-wide electronic health record system
The eHealth application is a national EHR, used by all relevant stakeholders in healthcare, including the patients themselves. It is supported by the largest health insurer in the Czech Republic, serving two thirds of the Czech population.

October 2007:

GesundheitsCard Europa (GCE) - access to healthcare abroad D/NL/B
People insured by AOK Rheinland can be treated in 14 hospitals along the Dutch and Belgium coast by presenting the GesundheitsCard Europa (GCE), which physically is their German health insurance card. Insurance cover verification and reimbursement follow via a web application.

November 2007:

Portal website In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment
A portal website targeted at empowering patients undergoing an In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) treatment in a routine care situation.

December 2007:

Pentalfa project: videoconferencing brings continuing medical education to the workplace
Multisite videoconferencing program providing continuing medical education (CME), organised by the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven and the Vlaams Ziekenhuisnetwerk (Flemish Hospital Network). Programs for a multi-specialty audience are preferably scheduled.

How a case of the month is chosen

Cases of the month concentrate on the notion of continuity of care: this is the main focus in 2008. They start with people’s self-care and good health, move to where patient meets nurse or doctor, examine some good hospital practice, and see high-quality rehabilitation and treatment supported by eHealth. Wherever possible, our examples are chosen from recently submitted cases.

In 2007, our cases of the month tended to be linked to the content of important events throughout the year.